Village offers suggestions for trick-or-treaters, homeowners

The village has released the following Halloween guidelines after receiving inquiries about trick-or-treating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those going door-to-door are encouraged to wear face coverings at all times, keep trick-or-treating groups small and maintain a safe distance from other groups when traveling from house to house. Individuals who are passing out candy are encouraged to wear face coverings and gloves and are asked to pass out candy individually instead of inviting children to take a treat from a communal bowl.

Residents are reminded that there is no ordinance in Hinsdale setting trick-or-treating hours.

The village also understands not everyone will feel comfortable welcoming trick-or-treaters this year. Village staff have designed signs for residents so trick-or-treaters will know whether they are welcome. These signs can be downloaded at or can be picked at village hall, 19 E. Chicago Ave.

Those interested in hosting trick-or-treaters are asked to turn on porch or outdoor lights and place the “Welcome” sign on the window or door. Those who do not want to participate should leave outdoor lights off and place the “STOP” sign in a visible location.

At this time, the DuPage County Health Department has not issued guidance or restrictions for trick-or-treating.

However guidance has been shared by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Residents are encouraged to visit the IDPH and CDC websites for updated guidance as Halloween approaches. A link to both websites, as well as additional information about Halloween safety and trick-or-treating recommendations during the pandemic, can be found on the village’s website.