Woman set shining example for those she leaves behind

Earlier this week Hinsdale lost a rare person. The white ribbons around town are to honor and celebrate a woman who lived life beautifully and who taught me, just by being exactly who she was, how to be a better person.

Monica Rincon Dooley’s life was a shining example of how to live life to the fullest.

Here are a few things that I learned from Monica:

Happiness — Monica had joy inside of her and wore it on her face. Her smile brightened every room.

Warmth — She genuinely loved people. Her greetings were sincere and she was intentional about letting you know she was happy to see you.

Interest — She was naturally inquisitive and asked great questions, and she always made sure to ask how you were doing.

Listening — She intently listened to your thoughts and answers.

Inclusion — Monica loved bringing people together and went out of her way to be welcoming to all.

Patience — She had a full schedule that included quality time with family and friends yet never seemed rushed.

Humor — Monica was quick to laugh and had an unforgettable giggle.

Graciousness — She gave generously and compassionately and accepted help with heartfelt thanks.

In describing Monica, I could never completely do justice to one of the most incredible people I will ever have the good fortune to meet, but I can honor her memory by doing my best to put into practice all that I learned from her.

With love and respect for my friend and neighbor — Alyssa Guido, Hinsdale