One college student's plea: Practice social distancing


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It’s day two of my quarantine back from school, and I, like many other college students, am already feeling the burden of social distancing. Still, from reading various news articles and keeping up with CDC regulations, I understand how important it is to stay away from others during this unprecedented time. However, today when I went for a run around Hinsdale (alone, may I add), I was disappointed to see Burns Field full of kids on the playground and people playing tennis.

I am not here to argue that it’s unimportant to find ways to cope with being forced to spend so much time at home. From spending barely two days at home, I am ready to pack up and return to school. I could be at college, learning in classrooms from professors instead of over Zoom conferences. Even in Hinsdale, where it often feels like we are distant from the world around us, we need to follow policies set forth by groups such as the CDC and WHO to protect those who need it most.

I know your children are going crazy being home from school, and you might need the break of sending them to the park or even taking the time to play a set of tennis with a close friend. But this is bigger than Hinsdale, bigger than you and your children. I urge you to have your kids ride their bikes around the block, play a game of catch in the yard or even take a stroll through town – anything except taking them to the public park. We need to “flatten the curve” and return to normal as soon as possible, something that won’t be possible without everyone doing their job. — Eleanor Pope, Hinsdale


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