Stop 5G is making progress, still needs residents' support


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Four months ago Stop 5G Hinsdale & Neighbors was formed. Since then, we have made significant progress, but much more remains to be done.

We have had town hall educational presentations. We have diligently worked with our village board and staff, resulting in the hiring of a lobbyist and an engineer who will review each telecom application for its impact on our community.

We have convinced Sen. Durbin to cosponsor a federal bill (S2012) and Rep. Mazzochi to sponsor a state bill (HB-4653) that will allow the return of local authority regarding the 5G rollout.

Members of the Stop 5G Hinsdale were also successful in convincing Sen. Glowiak to sponsor a bill that asks that a task force be formed to assess the health effect of 5G.

All of these actions are in preliminary phases and some represent simple political posturing, but they do represent a foot in the door. Now is the time to step in.

“Hinsdopoly” at The Community House serves as a venue for satirical reflection. This weekend it featured a skit on 5G that showed Hinsdaleans complacently watching as they “radiate the kids.” Good satire always hints at the truth. Good satire provokes a gut reaction. Now is the time to self reflect and not be complacent. The door has been opened. Please make it wider by writing to your local politicians that you support these efforts. The website and the Stop5GHinsdale Bacebook page make it easy. Now is the time we need your support. — Dr. Fariha DiPasquale, Hinsdale


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