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Resident not impressed with Casten at town hall meeting


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Last Saturday I attended Hinsdale’s town hall meeting with U.S Rep. Sean Casten.

After speaking for approximately 10 minutes, Rep. Casten opened the floor to questions. The first question was about Rep. Casten voting not to continue the federal ban of fentanyl. He believes that illegal drugs will always be available provided there is a demand. He stated enforcing the fentanyl ban is like a game of “whack a mole”. Since we can’t completely stop the illegal drug trade, it’s pointless fight it. It was a very telling answer.

When asked for his opinion on the safety of 5G, he said fighting the rollout would be very costly for our community. He stated that 5G doesn’t cause cancer then made a joke at one questioner’s expense. From that point on he attempted to lecture anyone who brought up 5G while not answering their questions.

What became clear from this “meeting” is that Rep. Casten will do what he wants. If he serves his constituency, it’s purely by coincidence.

Further, when the solution to a problem requires effort and determination, any effort is pointless. To roll over because it will cost money to slow 5G and regain control of our town from the telecom industry while investigating the technology doesn’t seem pointless. Continuing a federal ban of a controlled substance because enforcement is difficult doesn’t seem pointless. However, taking a Saturday afternoon to meet with someone who refuses to acknowledge his constituents is pointless. — R.J. Mangone, Hinsdale


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