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Student athlete profile


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Jim Slonoff

Name: Max Fellows

Year: senior

Hometown: Hinsdale

When did you start bowling?

Eighth grade. My friends and I just decided it would be fun to go to the bowling alley, and I just started going bowling a lot since.

What is the biggest misconception about bowling?

It takes a lot more mental strength than people think. It’s also not just an individual sport. It very heavily revolves around a team, and there are so many opportunities to help newer bowlers and just learn from other people.

What is your highest score?

268. I think (it was) a year ago.

When do you bowl your best?

I bowl my best when my temperament is very calm and relaxed and mellow and also — I think this goes for a lot of bowlers — once you get on a roll, like three or four strikes in a row, you really start to feel it and get in a groove.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?

One big thing that a lot of new bowlers have trouble with is staying focused even if they are doing poorly. It’s very easy to get caught in a bad mindset if you’re not having a great game, especially for the rest of the day. After your bad game you just have to reset and think of it as a new day.

What is the best advice you’ve gotten from a coach?

Don’t pay attention to what the other team is doing — just pay attention to yourself and how you’re bowling.

What is your goal for the season?

I want to get above a 190 average and I would like to get a 600 series.

Will you continue bowling after high school?

There’s not many colleges with bowling, but I would definitely do some adult leagues here and there.

Why does coach Alex Hipskind like having him on the team?

Max has been with the program for all four years and has experienced highs and lows during that time period. He always remains the same — unflappable. Max does not allow anything to impact him. He just shows up and bowls for us. His actions are great for the younger guys — he’s dealing with a pretty significant thumb injury but does not complain or make excuses. Max’s demeanor and actions are what all bowlers should emulate. Our program has been very fortunate to have Max Fellows.

— profile by Pamela Lannom, photo by Jim Slonoff


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