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Agent profile - Beth Burtt, Baird & Warner


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Beth Burtt not only grew up in Hinsdale, she raised a family here. Her vast experience as a resident of the village is an important tool when it comes to helping other families make Hinsdale home.

For three generations, Beth Burtt's family has called Hinsdale home. And for nearly four decades, Burtt has made a career of helping others to find their own home in the village.

Burtt said it was her love for Hinsdale that sparked the start of her real estate career 38 years ago. The people have kept her here.

"There are people I've helped find houses who I've become dear friends with," Burtt said.

Once an owner of Brush Hill before the firm was purchased by her current firm, Baird & Warner, Burtt said she prefers the role of broker, which allows her time to "zero in" on working with buyers and sellers.

"I love where I am today," she said.

Burtt said many people who are moving into Hinsdale are young adults who grew up in the village and are returning to raise their own families.

"You take things for granted growing up in Hinsdale," Burtt said. It's after they move away that people often realize that the schools, safety and people that Hinsdale has to offer don't exist in every town. "You realize this is really a top place to raise your family."

Location is the other quality that makes Hinsdale so attractive to buyers, especially those who need easy access to the city and its airports.

Hinsdale holds a special place in Burtt's life, but she realizes that it's not the right fit for every homebuyer.

She said her familiarity with Chicago and all of its suburbs means she can help every buyer find the place that's right for them.

Knowledge is one of the most important qualities in a good real estate broker, Burtt said. Along with having the right information, she said patience and compassion are key. Buyer or selling a home is an emotional experience, but with these three qualities, a broker can make things easier for everyone involved, Burtt said.

"People lose houses they had their hearts set on," Burtt said.

A firm believer that things generally work out for the best, she ensures the disappointed buyer that a better house is just around the corner.

More times than not, Burtt said, the buyer ends up in a house that makes them forget the one that got away.

Burtt's advice to sellers is to set the right price. When preparing to show their home, they should showcase its structure rather than their belongings.

As for buyers, Burtt encourages them to get out and see potential new homes in person. The internet is a great tool, but a visit allows the buyer to see the neighborhood and location, as well as the home itself.

Spring is still the busiest time for residential real estate, but that doesn't mean fall and winter can't be the right time to buy or sell a home.

There's less competition on the market at this time of year, which could be an advantage for sellers, Burtt said. Likewise, buyers can sometimes benefit from a seller's desire to close a deal before year's end.

"I've had some of my best sales late in the fall," said Burtt, who believes that every time of year is a good time to call Hinsdale home.

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