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Chinmay Amin

Year: senior

Hometown: Westmont

What do you remember about your first cross country running experience?

I started running when I was in sixth grade. I played tennis, too, but I found that I was enjoying running a lot more that tennis. Once I got to high school I was fully committed to it year-round.

What makes it so enjoyable?

There's just something about running a lot of miles with a group of guys. You develop a bond that you don't get in other sports. It's really special.

What's the furthest you've run?

Over the summer, we did long runs at Waterfall Glen, about 14 miles. We do 12-milers once a week. Over this past summer, we were running close to 70 to 75 miles in a week.

How would your teammates describe you?

I guess I'm kind of different. I like to keep the mood light. I'll try to talk to guys during the run and lighten the mood because it can be really daunting to go out for a 12-mile run.

In what ways have you evolved as a runner?

I definitely feel like I can handle much more mileage-wise and intensity-wise. I also feel like as far as the mental aspect of it, I can better approach the race, and I've been able to approach those really daunting workouts and normalize them.

How are you hoping to finish your Central cross country career?

As a team we're taking it one step as a time. We just want to make sure that we are both being realistic and setting expectations high. I really hope to step up and run well for the team when I am most needed and when the team needs to do its best.

Do you have other talents?

I spend a lot of time practicing the euphonium and play with Central's wind ensemble.

What might you be doing in 10 years?

I'm interested in going the pre-med route in college. I'm definitely planning on running a marathon and I'll continue running recreationally.

Why does coach Jim Westphal like have Amin on the team?

Chinmay is a hard worker, conscientious and great role model for the younger athletes. He's resilient and always striving to make his team and teammates better people.

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