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Letter - Eight-lane pool a better choice to meet Central's needs


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After reading in last week’s Hinsdalean the D86 BOE decided to lengthen Hinsdale South and Central’s new pools to 40 yards, I was very pleased. After reviewing new information that six-lane by 25 yard pools were going to require cost-prohibitive movable floors to meet adaptive PE and diving and water polo competition requirements, the BOE made the prudent decision to extend both pools to 40 yards allowing for all curricular and athletic needs to be meet, as well as those of the D86 community’s learn-to-swim and age-group swim programs.

However, at its Sept. 12 meeting, the BOE must now determine if the prudent decision would be to increase the number of lanes at Central’s new pool from six lanes, as stipulated in the referendum

question, to at least eight lanes.

Considering that Central’s pupil population is almost double that of South’s (2,726-1,445 according to the Aug, 29 Hinsdalean), the D86 BOE should decide that at least an eight-lane pool would better meet both the instructional and athletic needs at Central. With currently experiencing favorable interest rates, the probability of bids coming in below estimated costs, previous bonds being retired, and the D86 BOE having additional bonding authority available, it makes complete sense for the D86 community to not allow “politics” to stand in the way of the board rethinking the number of lanes to be built at Central’s new pool and the best decision for Central’s pool would be at least eight lanes. — Ann Mueller, Burr Ridge


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