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Time has come to bid Hinsdale farewell


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I knew this column would be written one day - I just wasn't sure when.

After 12 years in Hinsdale, the Neiman family is packing up and heading back to the West Coast. When I dragged my family here from California, I made my wife, Nancy, a deal. Once our daughter Madison graduated from high school, we could move back if my job allowed it. Madison graduated from Central in May and Nancy called in the contract.

But where to go? Back to California?

Nope, to the surprise of many. We are headed to Washington.

Being proud helicopter parents, we are following our kid, as she will be attending college in the Evergreen State. After all, what's the point of the Life360 app if you can't hover over them in their own backyard!

What can I say about Hinsdale that everyone doesn't already know? Fantastic schools with teachers who really care about challenging kids to be the best they can be. A community that comes together to know and support their fellow neighbors. We never experienced this in the past. "Midwest nice" may be stereotypical, but in Hinsdale, it's so true.

What will I miss? So much. Walking my dog Wynn through our lovely tree-lined neighborhoods and Robbins Park. Attending Uniquely Thursdays, the Fourth of July parade and Red Devil Football games. Getting the village scoop from Nick at his barbershop. Dining at Fuller House with my daughter working the hostess stand. Enjoying balmy summer evenings on my patio watching fireflies. Grilling tri-tip at our annual BBQ. I could go on and on.

I do have some closing thoughts. Hinsdale is not perfect. We live in a beautiful affluent community. Go into Starbucks midday and you'd wonder whether anybody works in this town. You can easily forget when you're in the bubble that life isn't like Hinsdale on the outside. I'm continually amazed when I read regular stories in the "Police Beat" of stolen luxury cars left unlocked in driveways with the keys waiting inside.

My biggest pet peeve prompts me to offer this parting advice - slow down, literally. I know we have newly paved streets, but this isn't the Grand Prix. And having your phone in your face in order to respond to texts instantaneously only makes matters worse.

Finally, a bit of gratitude. Thank you to The Hinsdalean for giving me the opportunity to forgo a therapist and air my diatribes openly with you. The box is now checked on my bucket list.

Thank you to our friends. Many of you we have known since our arrival and you have made a real difference in our lives. A special thank you to Nancy's friends for suffering through 12 years of her complaining about the weather.

Thank you to Nancy and Madison for being part of this adventure. It may not have been part of the original plan to move somewhere where we didn't know a soul, but we have made so many incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Hinsdale!

- Mike Neiman is a former contributing columnist and soon-to-be former resident. Readers can bid him farewell at [email protected]


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