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New aging website connects users, resources

Series: Redefining Aging | Story 10

Last updated 8/15/2019 at 1:26pm

"To be alive is to be aging."

That's one of the messages of a new website devoted to helping connect those who are aging and their loved ones with information and resources.

The website,, was established through the leadership of Community Memorial Foundation in partnership with The Hinsdalean and members of the Healthy Aging Task Force. It was announced last week at two events: a May 1 lunch at The Community House featuring Mary Schmich (see story above) and Aging Care Connections' luncheon at La Grange Country Club the same day to kick off Aging Well Month.

"I think we had two successful events launching this initiative," said Annie Krug, executive director of The Community House, who was instrumental in creating the site.

She is most impressed by the quantity of information it contains.

"We knew sitting around that table that there is a lot going on in our community, and even the service providers who are pretty dialed in to each other don't understand the breadth and scope of it," she said.

The site's approach treats aging as a natural part of being alive, rather than a topic to be avoided.

"There was an element of needing to be candid and authentic and real about this, and to quit tip-toeing around some stuff," said Krug, who wrote the copy.

Greg DiDomenico, president and chief executive officer of Community Memorial Foundation, said providing a grant for the site's development fit well with the foundation's mission.

"We're always looking for ways to be able to increase awareness of local resources and assets, and by doing that in partnership with the Healthy Aging Task Force - and of course The Hinsdalean and The Community House - it certainly helps us deepen the impact of our investment," he said.

The site organizes information based on the user. An individual seeking information for him or herself can click on "My Journey." Those assisting a loved one can access resources by clicking on "A Partner on the Journey." Links provide information about housing services, health care and wellness, legal services, mental health and counseling services, and more. The site also will include all of the stories published as part of The Hinsdalean's Redefining Aging series.

"There's a lot of great information about local resources and tools and assets in our community," DiDomenico said. "It's a great addition."

Content for the site's pilot year of will be provided by members of the Healthy Aging Task Force, which are listed on the site. Use of the site will be monitored for 12 months - the period covered by the grant - before a decision is made about its future.

"We're really proud of it," Krug said. "We are really, really pleased with what we believe is an effective tool that showcases our extraordinary resources in the community."

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