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Taking a new look at the issue of aging

Before aging can be redefined, thought should be given to what term actually means

Series: Redefining Aging | Story 4

Last updated 8/15/2019 at 1:10pm

"Age is not important unless

you're a cheese."

- Helen Hayes

Ahh, if only that were true.

But in this age-obsessed society, a person's age does matter - in innumerable ways. Unfortunately, when we think about aging, one of two things usually happens. Our thoughts are negative - or we're in complete denial.

What can we do? Change the way we think about aging. Or, as the name of this series suggests, redefine it.

"Reframing the issue requires the disrupting of "othering" older people and sending the message that older age, like any other time in life, involves both challenges and opportunities," FrameWorks Institutes suggests.

And so today, we present these profiles to help illustrate there is no one definition of aging in the first place. We asked four individuals, who range from 62 to 94 years old, to talk a bit about what "aging" looks like to them. Here are their stories.

- photos by Jim Slonoff


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