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  • Part 2: What to know if you've been ghosted

    Betty Barsley-Marra|Updated Jan 18, 2023

    Ghosting, completely cutting off contact with someone without any warning or explanation, may seem to be the modern way people leave relationships these days but ghosting has always been around. What may be different now is that everyone seems to be doing it often with the justification that since someone did it to me, it must be OK for me to do to another. It can take a lot of moral character to maintain your integrity and resist the temptation of ghosting as an easy way to...

  • What to know before you ghost someone

    Betty Barsley-Marra|Updated Dec 14, 2022

    The title of this article might prompt the reader to think it would have been more appropriate for the Halloween season, but the timing of it is actually more apt in this current season of good will toward all and making resolutions for the better. The topic is humans and the relationships we create with our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and romantic partners. These relationships help us thrive when they are supportive and loving, and we suffer when they are not....

  • Realistic expectations key to finding joy during holidays

    Betty Barsley-Marra|Updated Dec 15, 2021

    Imagine it's mid-December and we're fighting our way through the first snowstorm traffic jam of the season. We turn on the car radio to the sounds of holiday music. The song playing is telling us, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." We can't help but ask ourselves, "Is it?" If this is at all familiar to you, you are not alone. Many adults feel the weight of the world around the holiday season, but how does that weight effect the children in our lives? It's easy to set...

  • Guiding online activity requires open communication

    Betty Barsley-Marra|Updated Mar 17, 2021

    What adult has not heard the sigh from a young person who has just been reminded of the need to be cautious around others they meet? The sigh is often followed by the young person's frustrating reassurance: "Don't worry, I've got this." The drive for independence is a natural part of human development, as is the adult inclination to protect and support our young people. While admonitions to not talk to or take candy from strangers was never enough to equip our youth with the...